About project

Joining to EUREF permanent network with Multi GNSS CORS stations in Montenegro

The main goal of the innovative project is to establish a modern permanent GNSS station on the territory of Montenegro, which will become part of the global network of stations, which will be able to receive signals from the Galileo satellite navigation system as one of the largest projects of the European Space Agency (ESA). In line with the policy of extending the EUREF network and the given guidelines for linking GNSS permanent networks to the EPN, the establishment of MontePN will be conducted in accordance with the tendency to access the EPN. After completing sufficient conditions for joining MontePN in the EPN, an official procedure for receiving and registering an operation center will be launched.

The project leader is Faculty of information systems and technologies, University of Donja Gorica. It is funded by the innovative scientific-research grant by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro (70%) and University of Donja Gorica (30%).